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So everyone can get a better night’s sleep

We are baby and child sleep consultants, based in Chelmsford and Colchester, working with tired parents around the UK to help everybody get a better night’s sleep.

A way to feel like yourself again

You expected the nights to be hard at first but.…this feels too much. It’s hard to be the parent you want to be when you’re exhausted, just trying to get through each day before bedtime comes back around. You know you’d be coping better, if only you could get some sleep. You feel like you’ve tried everything and don’t know where to turn.

Perhaps you’ve been told that some children are just poor sleepers, or that they’ll grow out of it? And that advice, although well intentioned, just isn’t helping.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

Thankfully, we are here to help. When you have been struggling for so long, it can feel like there is no way to regain your sleep, your sanity (and your life) but our evidence-based approach to sleep has turned everything around for hundreds of parents. We allow you to help your child fall asleep whilst meeting all of their emotional and physical needs, no cry-it-out, no leaving them to it but an evidenced based, clear approach, to help you all get a better night’s sleep.

Almost everyone we work with tells us, “we wish we had come to you sooner.”

“… I started waking up in the morning RESTED! I almost forgot that feeling… I finally feel like I can do this motherhood thing!” – (parents to a 5 month old)

You don’t have to wait it out another night

Most of the families we work with see a dramatic difference within the first two or three nights of working with us, while almost everyone is getting a full night’s sleep within the first two weeks from the start of our plan.

Get a sleep expert on side

Online searches and quick advice can only take you so far. You need an expert who knows the nuances of your child’s current situation, who has seen breakthroughs before and can help create the right sleep plan for your child – even with your child if they’re old enough.

Better sleep at any stage

Aged 4 months to 2 ½ years

Putting your child down to sleep shouldn’t fill you with dread about the hours to come. Your physical, mental and emotional health is too important for you to simply cope with it. Reach out to me to find an evidence-based answer that is entirely bespoke to your child.

Aged 2 ½ years and up

There’s more at stake than sleep in a sleepless night. It’s tied up with your welfare, your families’ health and wellbeing and your child’s development and happiness. No matter how long the issues have lasted, you can wipe the slate clean with us and reclaim a rested and more relaxed life for your family.


Prepare for your newborn’s arrival by learning how to teach them healthy sleep habits from the start. While your first 12 weeks after birth are bound to be a big adjustment, the techniques you learn with me will help your child to form a healthy sleep pattern over time.

On the blog

Advice on nighttimes to school times, work/life, play, exercise and routines. Learn from our in-house sleep expertise and glean from guest writers on our blog.

Start on the path to better night’s sleep

"We are so thankful and a lot more rested. Wish we had used Lucy months ago."

- Parents of a 10 month old

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