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Lucy has completed the Little Dreams sleep training programme. The intensive and bespoke course covers all areas of sleep needed to ensure families are well supported and have an expert approach. The training includes:

Whilst Little Dreams focus on sleep, Lucy has also had training from a lactation consultant and a Doctor of Psychology in relation to attachment and sleep. This deeper understanding of key areas supports her ability to find approaches that make parents feel comfortable and empowered to make a change.

Lucy Murray - Little Dreams Sleep Consultant - Chelmsford and Colcehster

Lucy Murray

With three young children and a busy career, Lucy understands first-hand how a lack of sleep impacts not only your ability to be your best at work, but also as a parent.

Lucy has many years of experience of working with children in primary and secondary schools, supporting them to dream big and raise their aspirations for the future. After a successful career in higher education she joined Little Dreams to help families within Essex to get a better night’s sleep and enjoy being a parent, without the impact of tiredness and broken sleep.

As a little Dreams consultant, all of our packages are bespoke to individual families. We take the time to listen and establish an approach that will deliver the best outcome. Lucy has completed training with Little Dreams which is evidence led, inclusive and focuses of all aspects of sleep. This is supported by the completion of the Lullaby Trust SIDS and Safer Sleep course.

Lucy has a reputation of being calm and approachable and always strives to make families across Essex feel at ease and in control of their own parenting approach.

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