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Keeping on top of the clutter!

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As a mum of three, my house does not look like I am keeping on top of the clutter! There is too much “stuff” and with ages between 10 and 4 years old, they all have things for different ages.

I know that it can feel really overwhelming to know where to start, so I was really excited to be sat next to Kim from Style Your Home Happy, and even more delighted when she agreed to give us some handy tips to help us all get started on that spring sort out!

Hi, I’m Kim, I run ‘Style Your Home Happy’. I offer professional decluttering and organising services, working with people in their homes across Essex and Suffolk. I support people to transform their spaces from cluttered and stressful to calming and supportive by clearing unneeded or unloved items and using storage solutions. Also, for people looking to move house, I stage homes to create beautiful spaces that inspire buyers.

Living in a busy, cluttered or unorganised house with little ones with sleep challenges is really tiring. It can make tackling the issue feel overwhelming. If you want to make your home simpler and easier to live in, I’d like to offer some ideas for getting started…

My top tips for getting started

  • Set yourself achievable goals. Maybe you decide you could manage to dedicate 15 minutes a day. Use this to start decluttering or organising one area in one room. Try to stick to your plan and keep going.
  • Create intentions to make life easier. For example, to donate, sell or store outgrown clothes, toys or larger items like buggies. Do this as soon as possible, so they don’t hang around creating clutter. To put the dishwasher on after dinner each night and set an overnight wash.
  • Develop a toy rotation system. Keep a limited number of toys out to play with and store the rest away, then rotate every 2-3 weeks. This clears clutter from your living spaces immediately, helps your child focus and reduces tidying up time every day.
  • Add toy tidying with your child to the beginning of your bedtime routine. This enables your child to feel empowered and creates a positive habit.
  • Ask for help. A family member or friend may be willing to help you by babysitting. You then have some focused time to get to work. If this isn’t possible or you find it all too much, you can call on a professional organiser to help with the work needed. 

The most important thing to remember when working on your home is not to be too hard on yourself. It’s really tough to maintain clutter free spaces with small children, nobody expects your house to be pristine. Take it easy, do what you can and recognise your achievements, any small step forward is a win. You’ve got this!

If you would like to find out more about how Kim can help, check out her website or find her on Instagram

If all of this feels like too much to think about until you have a bit more rest, see how I can help here.

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