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What parents say about us

A few of the highlights from my newly refreshed parents

Lucy has given us the skills to change our 2 year old's sleep pattern around after becoming dependent on having us with her to sleep after an illness. Lucy’s great ideas and a completely non judgmental approach is so welcoming, especially when sleep deprived. She is extremely calm and patient which in turn allows you to tackle sleep issues in a calmer approach too.
Mummy to a two year old
“We have been delighted with the service provided by Lucy in helping our 1 year old develop a healthy sleeping pattern. Before we found Lucy, we had a little one who couldn’t fall asleep without by cuddled, would wake up when being put down in his cot and who would wake every 1-2 hours during the night. It feels like a miracle to now be able to put our son down in his cot whilst awake, leave the room, have him fall asleep on his own and then sleep through the night! Lucy was incredibly supportive, flexible and reassuring throughout the process and we cannot thank her enough!”
Mummy and Daddy (to a 12 month old)
We reached out to Lucy when we were massively sleep deprived and at the end of our tether.. we had 0 confidence it would work but after saying we needed to do something every night all night for a good 3 months.. we finally reached out.. Lucy was super informative, confident and patient.. we learned a lot which helped when putting the plan into practice and low and behold it worked! We had all our consultations and interactions virtually or by phone and this was very convenient for us. Lucy was always available for my 101 questions or concerns and never made me think I was crazy for thinking or asking anything 🙂 Our little one got sick during the process and Lucy guided us through it and extended with no problem until we were confident to move onto the next steps. We honestly cannot thank Lucy enough for everything!
Mummy and Daddy (to a 17 month old)
We can not recommend Little Dreams and Lucy enough- I was nervous about sleep training as it was important to me to be responsive and give my baby what he needed when he needed it. However, night wakings had become upsetting and unsustainable and our family became very broken.

Lucy was brilliant at reframing our situation and giving me an understanding of our situation and how we can support a change to give our little one the skills to be a content-independent sleeper.

She was so friendly, sympathetic and knowledgeable; always available to talk and provide support. It was important to me that she was a mum and advocated the importance of being a responsive parent and getting out and about to socialise with other mums and babies. She has given me the tools to manage this.

Our families' lives have transformed and we are all much happier as a result. Thank you.
Mummy and Daddy (to 7 month old)
We are a Nursery setting based in Colchester and we contacted Lucy from “ Little Dreams Consulting “ to see if she could offer us any training . Parents often ask us for guidance when it comes to their children’s sleeping and napping routines and we thought we could do with a refresher course to update our knowledge and offer parents the most up to date professional advice. Lucy was so knowledgeable especially about the science and importance of establishing and promoting good sleep practices . Lucy explained to us that Sleep is the time that the body recharges and energy is restored and that important brain development takes place. I would thoroughly recommend Lucy and the consultancy to any sleep deprived parent , or indeed anyone hoping to achieve a more relaxed and better sleep pattern for their children and themselves
Wivenhoe Park Day Nursery
After having older children you’d think I’d have all the experience needed for my younger children, but I found myself with a little girl who refused to sleep in her own room, not wanting to go to bed until around midnight and I had tried everything I knew of, read books, watched countless hours of tips and tricks and nothing I did had any long lasting results, I was exhausted! As a last ditch attempt of us finally getting some sleep I contacted Lucy, within a few weeks, my daughter now goes to bed easily, I can leave her to fall asleep without me and she will sleep all night from a much better time for us all, it’s nothing short of a miracle, working with Lucy has been an absolute pleasure, she is very knowledgeable, patient and understanding and kept me going right the way through, especially during the tougher times. If you’re struggling to get your family to sleep then don’t hesitate, Lucy is amazing at her job and I shall feel eternally grateful for all her help and support x
Mummy to 6 year old

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