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Meet Emma, the Reflux Tummy Mummy


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Hi everyone, I’m Emma and I am an infant reflux specialist – The Reflux Tummy Mummy.

My journey with infant reflux

I live in Chelmsford with my husband and son, who is 2 and a half. Rewind 2 years, and I had no idea there were people trained in Infant reflux and I imagine many of you reading this don’t either. We are few and far between.

For months (9.5 to be exact) I had been googling things like ‘why is my baby sick all the time? How to stop a baby being sick? Why won’t my baby sleep? Baby acne, baby rash, how to stop a baby crying, what is colic? What is reflux? Why won’t my baby poo? How long can babies go without pooing? I could go on, but you get the gist.

Google then produced an Infant Reflux Specialist called The Baby Reflux Lady. I devoured her website, bought her book and after a couple of days of deliberating, decided to book in with one of her Baby Reflux Lady’s. It was my last ditch attempt to help my son, and my sanity.

A few days later my son was a different baby. No longer constantly being sick and upset and needing to be on me. I could put him in a car seat without him screaming and only being calm if I was physically touching him. He started enjoying his food and I could start finally enjoying him and being his mum.

We had spoken to so many people; midwives, our health visitor, GP, breastfeeding counsellor, Lactation Consultant, doctors on the children’s ward in our local hospital, paediatric consultant, private GP, private paediatric consultant; about his symptoms (no baby ever just has reflux as a symptom) and no one helped us. For 4 months I cut so much out my diet and that hadn’t helped enough. We tried 2 different formula’s, Gaviscon and lactulose, and nothing had helped.

My training as an infant reflux specialist

When my son was 1 year old, I decided to train to become an Infant Reflux Specialist, through The Baby Reflux Lady. My son had suffered for so long, but he had taught me so much. He had pretty much every cause of reflux going, so learning everything came quite easily as I wanted to know all the why’s to my sons symptoms and also to help others who are in a similar situation to me.

How do I know if my baby has reflux?

A big question I get asked is, but how do I know if my baby has reflux? There are too many signs and symptoms for me to list, however…. As a mother, you just know something isn’t right. Is your baby crying more than seems right to you? Is your baby unsettled more than seems right to you? Does something just not feel right? That’s all you need. You just know.

Reflux, silent reflux and colic all come under the same umbrella to me, they are symptoms, not a diagnosis. Reflux literally means to flow back or return.

The definition of colic on the NHS website is ‘when a baby cries a lot, but there is no obvious cure’.

How can I help you and your baby?

With all families, I take the time to listen to your concerns. To truly understand what you are going through and to explain why your baby is being sick/upset/in pain.

I offer a free 10 minute call for you to ask me any questions about how I work and what you can expect when working with me. 

If you sign up for a full reflux evaluation I send you a questionnaire to fill in and request certain photos of videos. These help me begin to build up a picture of what could be going on for your baby.

We then have a call via zoom, which last around an hour and a half. This is followed by a summary of what is causing your baby’s reflux and why, along with a list of suggestions. 

1-2 weeks later we have a follow up call to see if there are any other things that need addressing.

I am there for you the whole way through and often send messages and voice notes to my clients as and when they need support. 

To find out more about Emma’s support find her on InstagramFacebook or her website.

If your little one’s reflux has recently improved, but their sleep is still tricky, book in a free 15 minute call to see how I can help.

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