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What does a sleep consultant do?

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When I tell people what my job is, the most common reply I get it “what’s that”, a confused look, or “I wish they were around when I had children”. 

In this blog, we will explore what you can expect from a sleep consultant and how we can help. Before we go any further, it is important to mention that within sleep consultancy there are lots of different approaches, and there is no ‘one size fits all’. Just like a physiotherapist, or a coffee shop, we all have our own preferences and when speaking to a sleep consultant, it is really important that you find out what their approach is and whether you feel it suits you and your family. We also avoid the term sleep training but offer a gentle but firm alternative.

One of the most common questions a new parent, or those with younger children is asked is “are you getting any sleep?” Invariably, the answer is no….and in some cases, this is absolutely normal, especially with newborns. We are led to believe it is part of the course of being parents, and eventually it will stop. However, as with many areas of life, we are all starting to learn that there is help out there, we just need to ask.

At Little Dreams, all our consultants are trained using evidence, experience, and compassion. Many of us are also parents and have been exactly where you are now. When you choose to benefit from any of our support, this is what you can expect:

  • Evidence led. All our approaches are based on evidence. This means that it isn’t just that someone tried it once, and it worked, but there is often a scientific backing. This is embedded within our initial training, but also an ongoing program refreshed information. We can therefore give families current and up to date support and insight.
  • Bespoke. Every one of the plans we produce is individual to a family. No two families are the same and therefore it is really important to us that we develop a plan and approach that works both for improving sleep, but also in a way that you feel comfortable with. The plans are developed using an initial assessment, providing information about the child’s sleep pattern, but also their daily activities as these can all impact sleep. A this information supports the development of a tailor-made plan which is discussed in a consultation session. Once families start implementing their plan, we then provide both email and telephone support to help celebrate changes or provide tweaks to plans where further work in needed.
  • Breastfeeding friendly. There are a lot of myths around breastfeeding and formula, with some feeling the solution to sleep is to stop breastfeeding. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Little Dreams have worked with many families who have achieved amazing outcomes whilst continuing on their breastfeeding journey. 

To find out more about our support, contact me for a no obligation, free 15 minute conversation.

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